In the world of messengers and bots: hidden advantages of team messengers

November 22, 2017


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Team messengers are enslaving the whole business world. Six out of the top ten mobile apps are messaging tools that dominate other apps in terms of sessions.

And guess what? Team messengers are not going to stop there. The majority of them are turning into something more powerful and sophisticated—a collaboration and creativity universe for supreme team productivity. Chatbots, faithful minions of team messengers, are helping them achieve such a significance among companies of all industry fields.  

If you’re still on the fence about the practical benefits of instant messaging tools for your company, check out the following list of hidden (and not-so-hidden) values they can bring to the table.

Ramp up your business with team chat and bots

In the business messaging field, team chats like Slack, Chanty, Stride, Flock and others offer more than just basic workplace communication. They are the solution to an ocean of workflow pitfalls.

What the internal challenges do you face at your company? Defining the purpose of using team messengers and bots is the first step you should take. Well-defined issues in management, collaboration or productivity make it obvious what part of team work you should automate first.

The ultimate advantage for users is that they can work with just one tool for various intentions. They won’t have to switch between different apps and interfaces to complete the tasks.

How you can benefit from integrating bots into your team messenger

    1. Time tracking bot. It helps you keep track of how long it takes you to complete specific tasks. Adding this data into a team chat, you better understand the overall team productivity and what your colleagues are currently working on.  
    2. Statistics bot, which can share data from platforms your company uses (Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc.).
    3. Poll bot for polling colleagues and giving feedback on different operational and business issues.
    4. Planning bot that arranges all calendar events like meetings or business trips, books flights and hotel reservations and sends all important notifications directly to your app.
    5. Timetable bot which helps employees schedule vacations and day-offs without leaving a team chat.
    6. Reminder bot can message team members about an upcoming deadline.
    7. Project management bot will help your team with managing tasks and projects. It can assign tasks to a particular teammate at manager’s command. When task is done, project management bot records the progress and assigns the next one. And so on. Moreover, it offers a possibility of requesting a decision (e.g. ‘Approved’) on ongoing product development stages directly in the app.
    8. Custom bots are available as well. Many companies have already integrated various external services that solve their specific business needs. Sales bots, social media bots, crypto bots, weather bots, kudos bots, birthday bots and everything in between—it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more to choose from.


As the workplace evolves, so do the tools we adopt to get things done. Empowered by chatbots, team messengers offer an advanced, truly productive level of collaboration and become a single hub for all the workflows.

Each team can fully customize their internal chat’s usage and bridge the gap between other productivity tools with the help of bots. The number of their possibilities and combinations is only limited by your creativity.

Generally speaking, the potential benefits of team messengers and chat bots are significant for businesses of all sizes and shouldn’t be ignored.

Have you ever experienced their value at your company? Share your findings the comments below!


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Julia Samoilenko

Julia Samoilenko is a Marketing Manager at Chanty - a simple AI powered business messenger and a single notification center. This powerful and free Slack alternative is aimed to increase team productivity and improve communication at work. Having a 5-year experience in digital marketing field, Julia is responsible for Chanty’s online social media presence and public relations.


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