Techstars London new managing director announces European tour to meet startups

February 8, 2018


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Techstars London’s newly-appointed Managing Director Eamonn Carey is visiting cities across Europe to meet with startups and founders ahead of the accelerator’s 7th program.

Mr. Carey was previously the Managing Director at Techstars Connection in partnership with AB InBev in New York, and has been a long term mentor on Techstars and other programs around Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Techstars London European tour

Marko Srsan, Program Director at Techstars London

Now, the new Techstars London Managing Director is teaming up with colleague Marko Srsan in visiting cities across Europe and Asia, doing office hours with local startups, hosting presentations and meetups and generally trying to connect with as many great entrepreneurs, community leaders, investors and others as possible.

“I love nothing more than food for thought and opportunities to meet smart people working on products that make a real difference to their users, customers and the world beyond,” said Carey.

The 14-city tour, which also includes some cities in Asia, kicked-off in Dublin, Ireland January 25 and is slated to culminate in Seoul, South Korea in April. The full list of dates is below.

Apart from the meetups and office hours across Europe, Carey will be hosting 45 minute webinars, which will cover what Techstars is, how the program works, what the value is for companies and founders, and will share some of the Techstars London success stories, along with advice on how to apply.

The next webinar takes place Valentine’s Day, February 14.

Techstars London is currently accepting applications for its 7th accelerator program edition. The deadline to apply is April 8, and the program runs from July 16 to October 11.

Techstars provides Accelerator portfolio companies with access to financial, human and intellectual capital to fuel the success of their business.

Upon acceptance to a Techstars Accelerator, every company is offered a $100,000 convertible note.

Techstars contributes $20,000, which is commonly used as a stipend to support living expenses during the program, and in return receives 6% common stock from each company.

Those accepted into the accelerator receive:

  • Access to Techstars resources for life.

  • Acceleration in a 90-day Techstars mentor-based Accelerator program with personal mentorship and office space to accelerate your business.

  • Lifetime access to the Techstars worldwide network of entrepreneurs including more than 10,000 mentors; 2,700 investors; 1,200 alumni companies  and 180 staff members.

  • Access to over $300k of cash equivalent hosting, accounting and, legal support –plus other credits and perks worth more than $1M.

  • Demo Day exposure and other investor connections.

On the subject of projects, startups, and innovation that the new Techstars London Managing Director is most passionate about, Carey writes:

“Fundamentally, I think about things in terms of solving for basic human motivations. Are products making people happier or healthier? Are they saving them time or energy in a meaningful way? Are they helping people and businesses make more money, reduce waste and wasted time, increase engagement and more? Are they having a material impact on the people or the businesses that use them? I like to think about what the tangible benefits of a product are in the short, medium and long term — and how a company can craft a narrative around that to help with user acquisition, sales, marketing, retention, recruitment and all of the other processes that help make them successful.”


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