The Biennale: A look into the world’s longest-running contemporary art exhibition in Venice

April 22, 2022


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The Venice Biennale, founded in 1895 as an exhibition of new art from around the globe, continues this year with over 80 nations participating. The event, originally planned for last year, was postponed due to the pandemic.

So far at this year’s event in Venice the artist Sonia Boyce has won Britain the top prize, becoming the first Black woman to represent the country at the event. The sound installation “Feeling Her Way” took the prize for best national participation.

This past week’s other leading recognition, the Golden Lion for best artist, was given to Simon Leigh. The artist, representing the United States, presented her work “Brick House.”

Hotel Ca’ Di Dio and Visual Atelier 8 also announced they will be hosting artist Dr Gindi’s ‘The Fateful Choice’ to celebrate the biennale.

 The Fateful Choice

Dr Gindi is one of Switzerland’s foremost contemporary sculptors, recognized for her bronze sculptures. Her piece of art, ‘The Fateful Choice’, is a life-size sculpture depicting a solitary female character holding a knife behind her back.

The exhibition will be held at the courtyard of the Hotel Ca’ di Dio, the luxury hotel which bears the signature of Patricia Urquiola, who earlier was its art director.

The event, to be held on May 1st at 18:00, will be co-hosted by the art magazine Visual Atelier 8.

Also at the Biennale, Dior and Louis Vuitton partnered with the non-profit the Venetian Heritage Foundation to raise funds for the Ca’ d’Oro palace’s restoration and for Ukrainian refugees. Louis Vuitton as well organized a fundraising gala dinner for preserving a historic palace located in Venice.

The many media and hospitality initiatives taking place during Biennale’s 2022 edition underscore industries’ commitment to position themselves alongside major art events.

The Biennale in Venice runs through November 27.

Featured photo of Dr Gindi

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