FinTech meets Edtech: student entrepreneurs receive crowdfunding support

November 28, 2016


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Students with entrepreneurial aspirations can now receive crowdfunding support for their ideas through a partnership between Ubiquity University and Fundsurfer.

For the first time, there will be more crowdfunding capital in the world than venture capital. In 2017, the amount of crowdfunding capital is expected to reach nearly $90 billion. Crowdfunding is no longer something for kids with bright ideas. It is the largest source of capital in the world.

In order to provide mentorship and crowdfunding support for students with entrepreneurial ideas, global education company Ubiquity University announced its partnership with FinTech company Fundsurfer.

“We are delighted that an academic institution is willing to recognize the quality of what companies like Fundsurfer are bringing into the market and to learning,” said Oliver Mochizuki, founder and CEO of Fundsurfer. “This type of entrepreneurial support training at a university is profoundly exciting and visionary. It represents a new frontier for Fintech/Edtech collaboration.”

Ubiquity University aims to break new ground for institutions of higher learning. While conventional universities charge high tuition fees that often lead to student debt, Ubiquity University offers low tuition rates and invests in its students. That is, entrepreneurship training is offered to every Ubiquity student with the promise that if they develop compelling and impactful projects, they will receive mentoring and financial support.

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“At Ubiquity, we’re committed to social innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Jim Garrison, President of Ubiquity University. “Degrees no longer secure jobs. By developing our entrepreneurial program with a world-class institution like Fundsurfer, we’ll be able to further support our students in their creative and entrepreneurial ventures.”

Ubiquity University offers distance learning and innovative classes to global students through strategic partnerships with educational networks. The company collaborates with vocational schools and other universities to offer students classes critical for employment, such as courses in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

Fundsurfer is a crowdfunding and commercial funding platform. The community works with organizations of all sizes – from charities and businesses, to independent creators – to help raise funding quickly through a unique blend of options, such as crowdfunding, equity investment, peer-to-peer lending and start up loans.


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