Ingram Micro Cloud becomes the first distributor in Canada to offer AWS solutions to the public sector

July 29, 2021


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The cloud solution platform Ingram Micro Cloud announced today it’s become the first distributor in Canada to offer Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions in the public sector.

Ingram Micro Cloud, which is already a AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Distributor, will help Amazon’s cloud service expand in new areas in the country including healthcare, education, public administration, defense and non-profits.

The solutions offered by Ingram Micro Cloud include sales enablement, business and financial support services, among others, and its partners are expected to benefit from AWS Professional Services, AWS Managed Services, AWS Well-Architected Tool, and Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace

The partnership between Ingram Micro Cloud and AWS is coming at an important time, when businesses are more focused than ever on public cloud spending. An estimated $305 billion will be spent on worldwide public cloud services, according to the research firm Gartner. Gartner also forecasts that IaaS spending will increase to $65 billion in 2021 from $51 billion last year.

Ingram Micro Cloud operates in 64 countries and works with more than 55,000 reseller partners.

Jason Prashad, Director of Cloud, Canada at Ingram Micro Cloud (image credit: LinkedIn)

“Working together with AWS, Ingram Micro Cloud and its partners will help drive the digital transformation of public sector organizations in Canada. Through its vast partner network, Ingram Micro Cloud will help deliver AWS services to communities across the country, large and small alike,” said Jason Prashad, Director of Cloud at Ingram Micro Cloud Canada.

“These communities will benefit from the reduced cost, improved flexibility, and superior scalability and security of AWS solutions.”

The distribution program, which was started after Ingram Micro Cloud Canada became an AWS Public Sector Partner, will also leverage expertise from Ingram Micro Cloud’s AWS team and programs.


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