Techovate 2012 will highlight importance of mobile commerce

March 15, 2012


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A new business-to-technology conference, Techovate 2012, will be held later this month, highlighting the huge growth of mobile commerce and its importance to Irish companies.

Techovate 2012 is a new two-day event in the Wexford Opera House, Wexford on March 21 and 22. The conference aims to emphasise the impact fast developing technology is having on businesses and stress that 2012 is the year that “mobile becomes vital for Irish companies”.

“Techovate 2012 is aimed at small and large businesses at all stages of development. It will use dialogue, seminars and workshops to show business people how they can use technology to grow their business in a fast-moving global marketplace. Attendees will have exclusive access to feature keynote presentations, intimate discussion forums and interactive networking events.”

An infographic commissioned by Techovate 2012 confirms that Ireland is vigorously following a broader trend towards online commerce, and in particular, mobile commerce. It reveals that: 30% of Google searches in Ireland are from mobile devices; 43% of Irish consumers purchased online in 2011, compared to 36% in 2010; 37% of Irish consumers have downloaded five or more mobile apps in the last year; and 63% of Irish smartphone users spend more than one hour per day on social networks.

In 2012, mobile becomes vital to Irish businesses

In 2012, mobile becomes vital to Irish businesses - Click on image to enlarge

Organiser Brendan Ennis warns that businesses must take heed of these figures, commenting that “businesses who ignore this trend towards mobile will do so at their peril”.


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