BitMED Launches New Sports Medicine Service to Support Student Athletes

October 17, 2018


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BitMED announced a new comprehensive offering of cost-free pre-season sports physicals and physical therapy for student athletes. The BitMED Student Athlete Program will be offered through BitMED Clinic, which features telehealth, communities, and rich content covering healthcare and wellness topics. BitMED Clinic already has a membership pipeline of over 50 million people across 7 countries and 17 partners, providing an important solution to the persistent healthcare challenges of access, convenience and cost.

BitMED’s providers helped design the new Student Athlete Program based on their experience with student athletes, whose concerns span cost, access, and convenience. BitMED’s advisors, who are affiliated with leading universities including Columbia, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, and include former professional athletes from the NFL, also helped influence the new offerings.

“When I was playing Pop Warner Football, I had a friend who played running back at a star level until high school without knowing he had an enlarged heart, a life-threatening condition,” said Vernand Morency, CEO and Founder of Prestointelligence and former NFL and MLB athlete. “My friend didn’t have access to medical care at the time, a problem faced by thousands of other student athletes. BitMED’s new offering will provide a first step in getting world-class medical guidance for a situation like this. Because the care is fast and cost-free, resources and time previously invested in this kind of medical support can be reinvested directly in programs like Pop Warner. This is a win for everyone involved.”

“I believe there is tremendous value BitMED will bring to sports medicine with our focus on preventative care, from coaching on nutrition to training support and virtual pre-season physical exams,” said Rishi Madhok MD, CEO and Co-Founder of BitMED. “With our new program, student athletes who are often time and cost-constrained will be incredibly well served. We also see the benefits of our approach extending to every athlete, from weekend warriors to pro sports stars and everyone in between.”

The BitMED Student Athlete Program is open to all student athletes, who can simply sign-up on to become BitMED members.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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