The sixth Dublin Web Summit as it happens [Live] #dws6

June 10, 2011


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We’re at the sixth and largest Dublin Web summit today in the RDS, Dublin and will be live blogging the entire day’s proceedings. With a great lineup of speakers onboard and almost 1,000 of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and media organisations pledging attendance to this summer summit, it’s hard not to be inspired.


Time Speaker/title
12:00 Registration
12.30-14:00 BBQ lunch & networking
13:50 Welcome address
14.15 Sam Barnett – Struq
14.30 iGap – The next wave of Irish disruption
14.45 Eamon Leonard – Orchestra
15.00 Jennifer O’Connell –
15.15 Emi Gal – Brainient
15.30 Break
15.35 Tariq Krim – Jolicloud
15.50 Mike Downey – Microsoft
16.05 Mike Butcher – TechCrunch
16.20 Marcus Segal – Zynga
16.40 Closing remarks
16.45 Talks end
16-45-19:00 Drinks and networking

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Live blog

Friday 17:10pm

Segal: Concludes talk.

Friday 17:09pm

Segal: Personally interviewed and hired over 600 people at Zynga

Friday 17:07pm

Segal: Creating culture of recognition in management is key

Friday 17:03pm

Segal: Zynga core values – build games people love to play, be a CEO, level up, Zynga speed, work at Zynga first, and innovate.

Friday 17:01pm

Segal: Talking about styles of management and their impact on productivity

Friday 16:57pm

Segal: Must have specific measurable goals

Friday 16:53pm

Segal: Thanks IDA for helping establish new Zynga office in Dublin. Crowd applauds.

Friday 16:52pm

Segal: 44 million farmers, 500 million acres of land farmed in FarmVille. 5 million virtual business in CityVille. 400,000 people playing Zynga Poker at any given time.

Friday 16:51pm

Segal: Zynga games are “a new form of entertainment”.

Friday 16:50pm

Segal: New Zynga game Empires and Allies. Now fastest growing game. Zynga games are played by 250 million people every month.

Friday 16:48pm

Segal: Terrified at being keynote speaker. Will talk about managing.

Friday 16:47pm

Next and final speaker for today is Marcus Segal. Segal is COO of Game Studio Operations at Zynga. Zynga are a billion dollar social gaming company that produce the hugely popular FarmVille, CityVille, Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker games to name but a few. Zynga was founded in January 2007 and since then have experience tremendous growth. Growth that is undoubtedly fueled in part by Facebook’s phenominal acquisition rate of loyal and engaged users, but also as a result of the companies own ability to captivate such audiences and profit from this. Zynga have their European headquarters in Dublin.

Friday 16:43pm

Butcher: TechHub events will help expose Ireland

Friday 16:42pm

Butcher: Are we in a media bubble? Moved to blogs because he knew print would be in trouble. News curation, aggregation is part of the future.

Friday 16:41pm

Butcher: How to get coverage on TechCrunch? Get pitched all the time. Have to stand out. Keep it short, create story of what you’re doing.

Friday 16:39pm

Butcher: No bubble in Europe! 1,000 attendee realising potential of web.

Friday 16:38pm

Butcher: Are we in another tech bubble? Public markets bubble. Infrastructure wasn’t there in .COM bubble but now it almost is.

Friday 16:35pm

Now on stage is Mike Butcher. Butcher is editor of TechCrunch Europe. Mike has been involved in journalism for a long time, writing for many British newspapers and magazines, including The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The New Statesman. Recently, Mike has also appeared on the BBC’s The Apprentice show. He has gathered many awards during his ongoing career in journalism. In 2000, Mike was nominated as NetMedia’s European Internet Journalist of the Year and in 1998 TechCrunch Europe, under Butcher’s reign, was awarded best Web 2.0 and Business Blog in the UK by Computer Weekly magazine.

Friday 16:33pm

Downey: Goal is to create best open-source video player. First release coming in July.

Friday 16:31pm

Downey’s talk is quite tech heavy

Friday 16:30pm

Downey: Oops, Downey refers to Silverlight as Safari, crowd laughs

Friday 16:27pm

Downey: 10 million Kinect devices sold so far.

Friday 16:27pm

Downey: 49.2% of internet traffic is streaming media. 29.7% of downstream traffic in the US comes from Netflix alone.

Friday 16:24pm

Downey: Silverlight is amazing way to build rich media applications like video

Friday 16:22pm

Downey: Windows 8 – adds support for HTML5 apps

Friday 16:21pm

Downey: Windows Phone 7 “Mango” update coming later this year. 500 new features including IE9.

Friday 16:19pm

Downey: IE10 will introduce many new CSS3 features

Friday 16:19pm

Downey: JavaScript is grade equaliser for development

Friday 16:18pm

Downey: IE9 really focusing to make browser standards compliant. Made graphics, text and video hardware accelerated to load pages really fast

Friday 16:17pm

Downey: IE9 show of hands, not many

Friday 16:16pm

Downey: Will focus on HTML5 in presentation

Friday 16:15pm

Next up is Mike Downing. Downey is director of platform evangelism at Microsoft where his main focus is Microsoft Silverlight. Prior to this Mike was an evangelist at Adobe, focusing on similar technologies; Flash, Flex and AIR. Downey has a long history and many years experience developing web software and mobile applications for the delivery of rick media.

Friday 16:14pm

Krim: Electronic manufacturing is a monopoly. Innovation is in software.

Friday 16:12pm

Krim: Apple has control on supply chain regarding the production of electronic devices

Friday 16:11pm

Krim: Silicon Valley can be replicated anywhere long as the appropriate workforce is available in that location

Friday 16:10pm

Tariq Krim is speaking on stage now with Paddy Cosgrave. Krim is founder and CEO of JoliCloud. The service launched in 2008 and allows users to manage web apps, files and services from one dashboard within a web browser (similar to what Google Chrome OS). Krim also founded in 2005, a personal dashboard housed within a web browser that allows users to monitor Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and their favourite websites all from one place. In 2008 he was nominated a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and is also the first French person to be awarded Top 35 Young Innovators Under 35 by the MIT Technology Review.

Friday 16:09pm

Apologies for delay but experiencing internet connectivity issues

Friday 15:57pm

@electricireland giving away an iPad 2

Friday 15:56pm

Short break almost over, proceedings about to begin again

Friday 15:31pm

Gal: Talk ends.

Friday 15:30pm

Gal: Video advertising will be massive

Friday 15:29pm

Gal: Describes how young girl expected video to be interactive on iPad. Clicking video won’t not reveal subjects name.

Friday 15:28pm

Gal: Personalisation doubles CTR rate

Friday 15:26pm

Gal: Relevance is key in video advertising

Friday 15:26pm

Gal: With Brainient tried to understand what main problems in video advertising industry are and try to solve these

Friday 15:25pm

Gal: Annoying YouTube overlays are here to stay

Friday 15:24pm

Gal: Will talk about video advertising

Friday 15:24pm

Emi Gal now on stage. Gal is the twenty-five year old founder and CEO of Brainient – a London-based company that helps advertisers increase the ROI of their campaigns. The Romanian entrepreneur has been actively involved in a number of start-ups, including Skimbit / Skimlinks, eOk, BrainTV, and iHireyou. Emi also occasionally contributes to The Telegraph and TechCrunch.

Friday 15:22pm

O’Connell: Stepping down as editor of but staying involved. Susan Daly taking over as new editor next Tuesday. Talk ends.

Friday 15:21pm

O’Connell: 55,000 iPhone app downloads. First year traffic targets breached in first four months.

Friday 15:21pm

O’Connell: Story about Darren Gibson quitting Twitter is highest traffic spike for one article with 203,000 pageviews

Friday 15:19pm

O’Connell: First massive spike came in September when Conor Lenihan launched his book. An influential tweet crashed the site.

Friday 15:18pm

O’Connell: Designe product with demography in mind. This includes the 9 at 9, the daily poll, Take 5 at 5pm and The Daily Fix at 8pm.

Friday 15:16pm

O’Connell: Tested site first on family and friends. September 2010, limited invite only trial. October 2010, full beta trial. Social media users would be core audience. 52,000 Facebook friends, 15,000 Twitter followers. Two platform must be treated differently. Twitter is less intrusive so can be updated more frequently.

Friday 15:14pm

O’Connell: Wanted the ability to share and shape news with

Friday 15:13pm

O’Connell: What is news? Answer not so straight forward now. Demise of single, all-knowing source. Readers travel from one source to another. News has become a conversation. Social media not just platform for breaking news, but engaging with it.

Friday 15:12pm

O’Connell: Aggregation “helps readers navigate the vast news landscape”.

Friday 15:11pm

O’Connell: Site model – 50% aggregated / 50% original content

Friday 15:10pm

O’Connell: The big idea with Ireland’s first fully interactive news website. Making news around shared experiences. 24/7 news.

Friday 15:09pm

O’Connell: built up from Transitional Year project which came second!

Friday 15:08pm

O’Connell: Begins talking about how started. Given opportunity to shape start-up from scratch.

Friday 15:05pm

Next speaker is Jennifer O’Connell. Jennifer is the founding editor of Ireland online-only news site which launched in October of last year. She is also a weekly columnist for The Sunday Business Post. O’Connell has fifteen years experience across varying media forms, including the RTÉ News and senior producer with Liberty Films.

Friday 15:05pm
Friday 15:04pm

Eamon Leonard concludes his talk.

Friday 15:04pm

Leonard: Software is more like live gigs that studio recorded albums. Live gigs allows for evolution of start-up and its software.

Friday 15:01pm

Leonard: Best bands go global. Irish are unfortunately reluctant to go global. Build with global in mind.

Friday 14:59pm

Leonard: Best bands have been playing music from a early age. Same applies for founders of tech start-ups.

Friday 14:58pm

Leonard: Draw parallels to learn lessons from mistakes of others

Friday 14:54pm

Leonard: Copycats start-ups are like boy bands

Friday 14:53pm

Leonard: Draws parallels between computer geeks and music geeks

Friday 14:51pm

Leonard: Start-ups are focused solely at job in hand.

Friday 14:48pm

Leonard: Community is crucial in tech / start-up industry

Friday 14:47pm

Leonard: Commends developer community in Dublin and Ireland

Friday 14:47pm

Leonard: Developer since late 90s. Side project Orchestra spinning out as new company this year.

Friday 14:46pm

Up next Eamon Leonard. Eamon Leonard is a Dublin native and co-founder and CEO of Orchestra – a PHP platform for deploying, scaling and managing PHP applications. Leonard is also co-founder of CloudSplit and co-founder and managing director of echolibre. He’s been writing code for the past twelve years and has worked closely with twenty start-ups since 2008 through his work at echolibre.

Friday 14:44pm

@paddycosgrave talking about ESB Electric Ireland Spark of Genius programme

Friday 14:43pm

Roe: 600 customer, doubling every year, 75% of which choose to renew yearly

Friday 14:42pm

Roe: Trying to be trusted brand in elective healthcare industry

Friday 14:41pm

Roe: “We actively follow up every customer query”

Friday 14:39pm

David Roe from takes to the stage

Friday 14:38pm

Groarke: ExamSpeak beta product officially launched today at #dws6

Friday 14:37pm

Groarke: 5m students per year must pass exams to gain access to US/UK/Canada

Friday 14:36pm

Groarke: Imagine a world where students can interact with other students virtually

Friday 14:35pm

Paul Groarke from RendezVu now on stage.

Friday 14:35pm

Ní Raghallaigh: Demoing Tunspresto video. Talk finishes.

Friday 14:34pm

Ní Raghallaigh: 45 minutes of video uploaded every minute on YouTube

Friday 14:33pm

Ní Raghallaigh: Tunepresto analyses video and produces unique piece of music to match video style

Friday 14:32pm

Ní Raghallaigh: Dream solution is web-based and copyright free – Tunepresto

Friday 14:32pm

Ní Raghallaigh: Adding background music to video is a pain

Friday 14:31pm

Siún Ní Raghallaigh from Tune Presto on stage

Friday 14:30pm

Perceval: Today official launching Zanadoo beta

Friday 14:29pm

With Zanadoo people love to book into salons onlines

Friday 14:28pm

Ronon Perceval talking on stage now. He is CEO of Phorest – described as the OpenTable of the hair and beauty industry

Friday 14:24pm

Barnett: Vision for company evolves. Once vision is being realised, one is not bound by limititations

Friday 14:17pm

Sam Barnett talks about his company Struq

Friday 14:15pm

First speaker Sam Barnett has now taken to the stage.

Friday 14:14pm

Paddy takes to the stage

Friday 14:13pm

Organiser Paddy Cosgrave introducing the event

Friday 14:11pm

Big shout out to @paddycosgrave to organising today’s event

Friday 14:05pm

Jazz band playing on stage

Friday 14:00pm

Most attendees have taken their seats at this stage, #dws6 is about to kick-off


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