The wait is almost over. Spotify plans to launch in Ireland, Australia soon

March 23, 2012


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Spotify, the freemium music streaming service, plans to launch in Ireland and Australia soon, with an official announcement possibly being made as early as next week, reports paidContent:UK.

Currently, Spotify is only available in a number of European countries, the UK and United States. Despite limited availability (although expanding), it’s easily one of the largest services working in the music streaming space.

It’s also reported that Spotify has “held talks” with Irish ISPs in a bid to have its service bundled with broadband and mobile services. Eircom has already ruled itself out of such a deal, but understandably so as it already operates its own music streaming service, MusicHub, free to all Eircom broadband customers.

Last year we spoke to Spotify who, at the time, had no immediate plans to launch in Ireland, but did comment on “how passionate Irish music fans” were.


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Albizu Garcia

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